Customer Spotlight: Reach Out Pregnancy Center



In today's world, organizations like Reach Out Pregnancy Center stand out for their dedication to supporting women during life's most challenging moments. As a sanctuary for both single and married women, Reach Out Pregnancy Center has been a beacon of hope, offering invaluable support and guidance.


However, Reach Out Pregnancy Center recognized that to fulfill their mission more effectively, they needed to modernize their operations. That's when they turned to Provectus Innovative Solutions LLC for help.


Provectus didn't just see Reach Out Pregnancy Center as another client; they saw a shared mission and a chance to make a real impact. Together, they worked to revamp Reach Out Pregnancy Center's technological landscape and streamline their operations.


The first step was migrating to Microsoft 365, a move that improved communication and collaboration both within Reach Out Pregnancy Center and with their volunteers. With tools like Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint, Reach Out Pregnancy Center could now connect with women and share information more efficiently than ever before.


Provectus also bolstered Reach Out Pregnancy Center's security with the latest endpoint protection measures and optimized their IT infrastructure for smoother operations.


Provectus didn't just provide a one-time solution; they continue to work to remain a reliable partner for Reach Out Pregnancy Center, offering ongoing support and guidance. Whether it is troubleshooting tech issues or ensuring compliance with updated policies, Provectus is there every step of the way.


Thanks to this partnership, Reach Out Pregnancy Center is now better equipped to fulfill their mission of empowering women. With Provectus by their side, they can focus on what truly matters: making a positive impact in the lives of women in need. 

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