Customer Spotlight - General Custer's Golf & Gulp


General Custer's Golf & Gulp has been making family memories on the west side of Cincinnati for generations. In 2018 owners Kathi & Keith Heinlein decided they would update their signage as part of a larger refurbishment project. They engaged a vendor to guide them through the process of identifying and implementing a modern high-resolution digital sign solution. The result is an outstanding and easy to read street sign and menu. Unfortunately, as with all businesses, Covid-19 forced General Custer's to close temporarily after a season of operating with this new capability. Upon reopening, Kathi & Keith had no documentation or intimate knowledge of their signs and lighting system, but they made it through the best they could.


At the beginning of their 2022 season, they decided that documentation and a training refresh was needed to return the signs to use and ensure their continued success. They contacted Provectus Innovative Solutions LLC to assist in regaining the effective use of the solution. Provectus met with Kathi & Keith, listened to their concerns and worked with them to determine a course of action to address their needs. Provectus Innovative Solutions worked to discover the components that were installed, ascertain their status, and verify any manufacturer support capabilities. What they found was a collection of hardware that was well out of warranty, running outdated firmware, and utilizing an outdated management application. After completing the much-needed firmware and application upgrades they went to work documenting the use of the application, organizing the images that had been created, and developing training for the ongoing use of the solution.


What Provectus Innovative Solutions delivered was an optimized and documented process, training, and continued as-needed support.


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